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“What a great service...

I don't gas up anymore, I just get an e-mail about it. And the prices are lower than I can get in my neighborhood. Now my windows get cleaned four times a month not three times a year!”

“Yoshi is the easiest...

And most convenient way to get gas. There are only a handful of app services I would actually pay for, and this is definitely one of them! The app itself is also simple and easy to use.”

“Straight forward and easy to use...

They don't charge any premium, so you just pay the same price as you would at the pump, or even less! They'll even fill your gas tank in the middle of the night while you're asleep! I can't find a down side.”

“Saves me time and stress...

Yoshi comes to fill my tank every week, and it is super easy. I would pay $5/gallon for this, but I only pay the market rate. Thanks Yoshi!”

“Awesome service...

Signed up for this fuel service and have nothing but great things to say about them. Very convenient and their drivers are awesome. Highly recommended!”

“The Future...

I was skeptical at first about how useful this would be, but after trying it I became a believer and now I never want to go to a gas station again!”

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