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Our DOT approved gas trucks and service vans come to your home or place of work every week, on your schedule, to top off your tank, wash your car, change your oil and more.

Yoshi truck gas fill-up

Proud to partner with businesses of all sizes

No matter the size, many businesses such as American Heart Association and Blue Grace are seeing the benefits of Yoshi to give their incresingly busy employees time back in their day.

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Programs tailored to your individual employee needs

Our corporate programs are designed to introduce your people to Yoshi and can be tailored to your organization. Memberships are included and paid for by the company to make using our service a true “no brainer” for them. All services are performed on-site including fuel delivery and car maintenance services.

Yoshi field tech

Frequent Questions

Can I offer Yoshi to my employees?

Yes, many companies already offer Yoshi as a benefit to their employees. We have two models: Employer Sponsored: Employee membership is fully covered by the corporate partner at a discounted corporate rate for a minimum number of employees. Employees pay for fuel and car maintenance services. Employer Promoted: Employee membership is covered by the employee at a discounted rate. Employees also pay for fuel and car maintenance services. For more details on these options and to bring Yoshi to your company, please contact us at

What companies do you currently partner with?

We have several companies featured as mini case studies on our blog! You can find them at this link:

Do employees have to get filled up at the office?

We encourage fill-ups at your office location, as most of our customers get filled up during their workdays. However, you may schedule service at your residence or another address if it is within our active coverage area!

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Want to know more? Hear directly from some of our current corporate partners who are giving their employees time back in their busy day by offering Yoshi as a benefit.