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Never stop at the gas station again!

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Hassle-free, Fuel Delivery Service

Let Yoshi come and fill-up your car while you're parked at work or elsewhere.

You won't even think about gas again until you get an email receipt letting you know that we found your car and filled it up.

Try Yoshi once and be one of the thousands of people who won't touch another gas pump again.

Note: You do not need to be on empty to sign-up and have gas delivered. Yoshi doesn't charge per fill-up, so it doesn't matter if your car needs 1 gallon or 20 gallons, we'll always keep you topped-up.

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Easy-peasy Automatic Refueling

The average commuter spends over 10 hours a year at gas stations. Have Yoshi automatically refuel your car each week, and reclaim that time lost. Never be late for another meeting because you were on E.

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Safe and Secure Service

Never worry about unsanitary pumps, credit card skimmers, or sketchy, Hitchcock-esque late night stops again. We provide a safe and secure service and always respect your vehicle, as if it was our own.

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Better for the Environment

Driving to gas stations wastes over 1 billion gallons of gasoline per year and underground tanks often leak. Yoshi offers a more environmentally friendly solution by eliminating that extra stop to the pump.

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Simple and Transparent Pricing

Anyone can start getting filled-up reguarly with zero fees aside from the cost of gas. The per gallon price of gas is updated daily for your region and can always be checked within the mobile app.

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Premium #MemberPerks

Anyone can start getting filled-up for no fees other than the cost of gas. But membership makes sense for most regular commuters.

Members pay $20/month and get tons of savings and perks, such as big discounts on gas, tire air-ups and check-ups (powered by Firestone), access premium car washes and details brought straight to you, and our award-winning concierge service for anything that may come up with your car.

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“I used to literally drive 15 minutes each way to Redwood City in order to pay these prices for gas. I wish you charged more. I feel guilty.”Taylor on Facebook
“Yoshi is incredible! My coworkers wouldn’t believe it was true until they finally tried it themselves. They were immediately hooked.”Jonathan on Facebook
“I’ve become totally dependent on Yoshi. I don’t even think about gas anymore until I get the receipt from Yoshi in my inbox each Monday.”Maggie on Facebook

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To get started, download our mobile app (available for both iPhone and Android) and register your car. Set-up takes about 60 seconds and once you're done, you'll never have to think about it again -- we'll come and find your car each week and fill it up.

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