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Gas, wash, and service delivery for your fleet

Everything to keep your fleet ready and rolling

Yoshi Fleet Fill-up

More Than Just Gas

Ensure that your fleet vehicles are clean and minimize the hassle of working with multiple service providers.

Reduce Labor Costs

Eliminate the overtime costs associated with in-house staff taking vehicles off-site to the gas station.

Enhanced Controls

Remove the fraud and skimming risks of company fuel cards by moving to invoice payment.

Flexible Scheduling

Set service windows that are convenient for your fleet’s schedule.

Data Reporting

Track metrics to improve reports and manage vehicle specific information.

Steps to get started

Complete Survey

Complete Yoshi’s fleet intake survey about your service needs and preferences.

Schedule Visit

Schedule a site visit with a Yoshi field tech to understand your service needs.

Get Price Quote

Get a price quote, determine your schedule and set a start date to begin service.

Become a Yoshi fleet customer today

If you are interested in saving time and money for your fleet along with exploring a hassle-free service that will take care of all your on-site vehicle needs, then complete our fleet intake survey to get started with the Yoshi fleet program today.

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