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What does Yoshi provide?

Yoshi is a weekly fuel delivery service that eliminates the need to visit the gas station. We bring the gas to your parked vehicle at work or home. We also provide services like car washes, details, oil changes and more!

Where does Yoshi have service?

Yoshi currently operates in Atlanta, Nashville, Austin, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay area. Please contact us if you have questions about future service areas.

How do you open my fuel tank?

If your vehicle has a locking fuel door, we ask you to leave it open the first time using Yoshi. Depending on your car you may be eligible to have a Fuel Vault installed, allowing us to gain access to your gas tank.

Do I need to wait at my vehicle?

No, although you are more than welcome to be there. You will receive a text message with an estimated arrival time when we are on the way to your car.

How does payment work?

Yoshi uses Stripe for easy, encrypted card transactions. Stripe is an industry leading payment processor trusted by thousands of companies.

Where do you source your gas from?

We source all of our fuel from Top Tier certified suppliers. Only the best!

How much does Yoshi cost?

Yoshi is affordable. Fuel delivery is only $7 plus the price of gas which is synced to the local AAA average. An optional $20/month membership includes free weekly deliveries!

What if I need to cancel?

Although we ask that you try not to cancel on the same day of your fillup, you can cancel anytime. Our customer service is top notch!

Can I offer Yoshi to my employees?

Yes, many of our customers have their employers cover the membership fee so all the employee pays for is the cost of gasoline pumped.

Interested in our employee appreciation program? Please contact us at benefits@startyoshi.com for additional information and how to get started.

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