Drivers in nashville have stopped going to the gas station.

Yoshi comes directly to your car every week to fill your tank. You can also order
extra services like car washes, oil changes and wiper blades!

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Yoshi delivers fuel to your parked car at work or home every week.

  • Get back the time and fuel spent on weekly trips to the gas station.
  • Stay safe (over 120,000 violent crimes occur at gas stations every year).
  • Membership and gas prices are very affordable!

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“I used to literally drive 15 minutes each way to Redwood City in order to pay these prices for gas. I wish you charged more. I feel guilty.”Taylor on Facebook
“Yoshi is incredible! My coworkers wouldn’t believe it was true until they finally tried it themselves. They were immediately hooked.”Jonathan on Facebook
“I’ve become totally dependent on Yoshi. I don’t even think about gas anymore until I get the receipt from Yoshi in my inbox each Monday.”Maggie on Facebook

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