Fleet Services

Yoshi Brings Gasoline Refueling Directly to Your Fleet

Cut extra expenses from vehicle wear-and-tear and time spent visiting the pump every day.

Avoid hiring full-time employees to transport your vehicles to and from the gas station.

Remove unnecessary logistical headaches by letting Yoshi take care of your fleet refueling.

Benefits Of Yoshi Mobile Fleet Refueling

Yoshi’s visits will fit into your fleet’s schedule. Fuel invoices are created for every visit so every gallon and vehicle is accounted for in one place.

Cost Effective
Yoshi is a much cheaper solution than scheduling refueling trips for individual vehicles or paying full-time employees to transport vehicles to and from the gas station.

Reduces Environmental Impact
Yoshi removes unnecessary miles spent driving to the gas station, drastically reducing your fleet’s CO2 emissions and environmental impact.

All of our drivers are rigorously trained and hazmat-qualified. Our deliveries are handled in an environmentally safe manner and Yoshi is bonded and insured.

Let's get started!

Yoshi can start refilling your fleet now. Connect with us to learn more about our offerings, pricing and availability. We'll respond within 1-2 business days.

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